Auspicious Beginnings in life
A brand of Powerful crystals by India's Youngest Entrepreneurs Urvi (4) and Peeya (6)

About us

Sarah Urvi & Peeya are brilliant, creative, spiritually evolved and business oriented girls. They are perhaps India's youngest entrepreneurs, Peeya is 6 years old and Urvi is 4 years old. They have been blessed with special faculties of infusing healing powers in crystals through connections with God adding their child like innocence to it.

They have brought their products from USA, Canada, Dubai, Goa, Haridwar, Delhi etc. They choose imported products completely on their own from all over the world, without much support from adults. They pick up each crystal, feel the energy of it, connect with Supreme God and then decide whether to choose it or not.

Whys Shubh-arambh

   Infused with God’s Love & Child Like Innocence for greater results.

   Pre-energised through healing powers & focused prayers by Peeya & Urvi

   Handpicked, chosen & brought from USA, Canada, Dubai and India

   Absolutely intuitive, high vibration and energetic crystals, can tune into your pulse.

   These crystals work for your highest, best and greatest intentions.


How to use these specialised crystals?

   Believe in you & God.

   Take the Crystal in your hand

   Feel it with a smile & close your eyes

   State your wish or manifestation

   Be very specific and very clear as to what you want, as it may come true.

   Take few more deep relaxed breaths.

   Feel the crystal & tell it that you trust it through God.

   Feel gratitude towards crystal and say. Thank you its done. Thank you Its done. Thank you its done.

   You may now choose to do a small meditation or simply open your eyes.

   Now leave this idea / wish to the universe to fulfil it for you.

   The crystal is exclusively for you, please dont share it with anyone else, as crystal may get blocked with external disturbing energies

   Forget about pain & problems in Past. Make the best of your present and Future through these crystals.

   Please note that God knows best for us all, if the wish is not in the highest and best, it may not come true fully.

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